Trending Wall Tiles


Nowadays it is in trend using the leather wall tiles which look very classy. Using leather tiles make the wall look more beautiful. These leather tiles are used on walls for various purposes. It can be used to design or decor the whole wall or trying to build some sort of special set up like a bar. There are many reasons why one should invest in buying leather wall tiles: Leather is sexy yet responsible, Leather is durable yet low-maintenance, and Leather is beautiful and practical.

Leather is property as a result of it's sourced from animals, primarily from the beef industry. Instead of being dumped in landfills, cowhides are made into high-quality design products that last decades. Blackstock leather tiles use water-based finishes and are colored with natural dyes, making them low-VOC. The leather becomes more resilient over time as it adapts to the environment. Besides its sturdiness, leather tiles are easy to maintain and don't require harsh chemical treatment or cleaners. Just wipe them down with a cloth and soapy water. After all, there's little benefit to eco-friendly decor if it requires toxic chemicals to keep it clean. The warmth and unique character leather achieve for interiors are unmatched by any other material. Incorporate it well into a room's design, and leather will be striking and sophisticated without being overpowering.

Another practical advantage of leather is the variety of applications it suits that go well beyond the limits of what's possible for wood or glass. It will cowl arched walls or wrap around pillars. It can also be folded over wooden panels for a seamless finish or filled to create a three-dimensional effect. With engraving and embossing, even more, customizations are possible.

For kitchen wall, there is special type of wall tiles which comes in different design like fruit basket tile, vegetable tile and many more. At Tempesta luxury we have a range of designer kitchen tiles to make your kitchen look different and refreshing whenever you enter the kitchen. Mosaic tiles are also used in the kitchen apart from the bathroom, which helps to give the different look. Mosaic is very versatile in the bathroom because it easily interprets all furnishing styles: classic, modern, rustic and minimal.