Types of Wall Tiles


Recently, many different wall tile designs are coming day by day according to the requirements of the customers. Some are made specifically according to the customers that are known as customized tiles which are used for some special set up. There are many decorative wall tiles which are used only to decorate the wall to make it look attractive but simple. Decorative tiles are used for different locations like kitchen, hall, office wall, bathroom, etc. These tiles usually come in different shapes, sizes, various designs, colors, etc. these tiles are also shipped from different countries to have their country's specific design and such type is called imported tiles in India. They are so attractive that they create their own existence in the tiles section.

Wall tiling is a great alternative to paint and wallpaper, allowing you to introduce everything from a modern, glossy surface to rustic and intricate patterns and textures to your home. There really is very little difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles - they both deliver outstanding stability and low maintenance and are produced from ceramic clay.

If we talk about Tempesta luxury portal, here we have authorized dealers selling our products in 24 cities, across 15 states and our footprint is growing continuously. In addition to our domestic reach, we are working with some of the leading importers of tiles. The majority of our production is destined for international markets, such as the USA, Italy, Spain, and the UAE. For more information on our international distributors.

Tempesta luxury is a platform where you can find different styles of tiles with a wide range. For manufacturing the tiles we use Natural stone which is a unique building material which has stood the test of time not only in terms of its aesthetic appeal but also in terms of its durability and structural strength. Tempesta is the best tiles company that provides standards of quality, and excellent craftsmanship, and innovation. Having meticulously perfected the production and design processes over time, we consistently deliver on our promise of exceptional comfort. The simplicity of ancient stone increased with the putting synthesis of glass, animal skin and alternative very good surface finishes can ensure honest beauty and unchanged attractiveness. For more information please visit our website and you will come to know more about tiles.

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