Why being particular about Luxury tiles and Kitchen wall tiles are important


Designing a house is difficult. Picking the right tiles is more difficult. Tiles are like dresses, the same tile is not suitable for all the areas of the house. Moreover, the same tiles do not enhance the house. To choose the suitable tiles for the right space of the house is essential. Decorative wall tiles are not fit for the kitchen. Similarly, Kitchen wall tiles are not fit for decoration. The same goes for luxury tiles too.

Where decorative wall tiles should be used?

Decorative wall tiles are those tiles that do not even qualify for the rating category of Class 1 tiles. Therefore, they are only suitable for the walls. Decorative wall tiles have a lightweight which makes them endurable for any other space. They break the monotonous look of the space. Breaking the monotonous looks adds a contrast. As a result of which the walls appear beautiful. Cover the whole wall or use only a few of them, they look good. It depends on the choice.

How are luxury tiles different from Decorative tiles?

Decorative tiles are fragile because of which they can only serve the purpose of decoration. The other term for luxury tiles is Luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It is an industrial term. It is not a part of the vernacular language. Vinyl's appearance is an imposter natural material. But, unlike decorative tiles, luxury tiles are more durable and have better wear due to the added layer for protection. The protection layer is a UV cure urethane. A heavy film covers it. It is because of this layer that the luxury tiles become scratch and stain-resistant. In some cases, ceramic tiles can replace luxury tiles. It is common to use luxury tiles in the rooms.

Why specifically use kitchen wall tiles in the kitchen?

Kitchens go parallel with food. Because food mostly has oil, food goes parallel with oil. Thus, tiles on the walls of the kitchen are important. The major benefit of kitchen wall tiles is that they resist oil. Walls in the kitchen can get easily dirty because of oil and vapor. Using tiles not only saves your pocket from repainting your wall each year, but it can also be cleaned. Due to this, the kitchen like other parts of the house remains clean. The Kitchen wall tile comes with a special gloss which is why they are easy to clean. Therefore, it is always advised that specifically kitchen wall tiles should be used for the kitchen.